Florida County Government Guide - 2014 Update

As stated in the code of ethics developed by the National Association of Counties (NACo),
“[i]ndividual and collective adherence to high ethical standards by public officials is central to the
maintenance of public trust and confidence in government.”108
Public officers are agents of the people and hold their positions for the benefit of the public.109

Accordingly, when faced with ethical dilemmas in public service, county officials should observe and
practice the highest standards of ethics “regardless of personal considerations, recognizing that promoting
the public interest and maintaining the respect of the people in their government must be of foremost


---------------------- Interview with Charles D. Greenwell for County Commissioner with WWJB/WXJB Radio and Hernando Chamber of Commerce. -----------------------

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$14 Million Budget Deficit
Proposed Sell of Water to Pasco 
Proposed Abolishment of Planning/Zoning
​Proposed Water Park
5 Year 50% Cumulative Look Back Rule
​Waste Sewer Treatment Osowaw Blvd.
Bayport Pier Repairs
Botched paving job on Osowaw Blvd.
Abolished Supermajority Vote

Commissioner Wayne Dukes tries to put a vote through the commission for a $60,000 study without other commissioners understanding the vote. Tampa Bay Times article dated 2018-03-21 County Administrator Sossaman tries to say it ties in with the Vision Plan. This had nothing to do with the Vision Plan.
Weeki Wachee Swim Park Controversy
On February 27, 2018 Charles D. Greenwell requested Nick Nicholson's resignation.
Protect our second amendment rights.
Highlight & Right Click on the link below for the full article from Tampa Bay Times for the latest update:
Hernando Beach Fire Department 4-1 Vote with Commissioner Dukes as the only commissioner who did not want to abolish the HBVFD even after admitting he had worked closely with them for 12 years. Three years of audits not done; no medical director; unanswered calls; drugs, alcohol, and sex. Is this the kind of commissioner you want for a third term?
People Have The Power 
People have the POWER! Make your vote count on August 28th. People should be at the top of the organizational chart in government.
Paid Political Advertisement Paid For and Approved by Charles D. Greenwell, Republican for Hernando County Commissioner, District 2